Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Any Portland in the Storm

After roughing it down the coast from Alaska, it is time for a little urban pampering.  Thus we make a diversion to Portland Oregon for a week, and rent an efficiency in the Kern neighborhood.  The efficiency is lovely, and placed in a wonderful area to walk, and near busses to take us daily into new areas.  It is wonderful to have a bed that is not eight inches off the floor, have ample hot water for showers, clean, and where we keep our food in a refrigerator that makes ice, rather than a box that we put ice in to keep our food cold. 

And we had a TV with which to see the end of the Olympics (although there is not much more on worth seeing) and Wi-Fi.  Ah, I think it is called civilization.

Portland is quite the town - we found an outdoor dance festival, an outdoor Shakepearean production, an outdoor food and wine festival - all quite good.  We visited the Rose garden all a blooming, the Chinese garden, and the Japanese garden.  We enjoyed two movies at brew pub theatres, we tried multitudes of local brew .... and of course Ron couldn't leave without a VooDoo donut.  He had the Old Dirty Bastard one.  Seemed quite happy as he ate it thoroughly from end to end, not a crumb wasted.

It is quite a green city, very bicycle oriented, mass transportation is good - and more tattoos per square body part  than I've seen anywhere that I can remember.

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