Saturday, May 17, 2014

Dali, Our Gateway To Spain

While this week we've settled into Ceret, France, today's daytrip was out to Portlligat, Spain for a tour of Salvadore Dali's home from the 190s through to his death in the late 80s.  No worries, much more on Ceret to come in a bonus posting shortly.

Dali's home, built over a couple of decades, and certainly expanded well beyond that time, sits in a spectacular cove and further isolated from the mainland by a single lane ( maybe lane and a half) tight mountain road.

Portlligat is actually a small fisherman's cove a few coastal bends from the small of Cadaques.

With this magnitude of natural beauty and geographic isolation, high in Dali's intent, its easy to see an artistic fountain emerge.

Two more day trips will focus on Dali before we head furthe west into the heart of Spain.

Stay tuned, tomorow, Saturday is market day here in Ceret. Many treats anticipated.

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