Monday, May 26, 2014

Valencia: Home to Tapas, Street Lined with Orange Trees and Cheap Bottles of Ribera del Duero for 2€

They say the Spainards eat a late lunch (2  - 4PM) and a later dinner(8 - 12MN).  But somehow we've eat  the early bird trifecta.  Since our earlier arrival in France, carrying into Spain, we've managed to scope out every patisserie and chacuterie within walking distance of our apartments.  Not to mention the Valencia Central Market.

Never out of stock, mealtimes take place whenever hunger strikes.  Of course,  the late lunch schedule in Spain works just fine with our city strolls not demanding that we drop everything and plan for lunch(ala French style 12 to 2 PM. )  Did I mention most things are closed during lunchtime including many museums?

And did I mention the Paella-  Not to be missed.

Valencia is à town of old and new - Roman walls, winding warrens thru the old city, and the lovely green space ru ning thru town that had been the river before it was diverted due to flooding.  THe are is full of parks, playing fields, and new museums.  Great for walking or biking.

And amazing beaches.

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