Monday, June 2, 2014

Granada - A City of the Past, Romancing the Present

Granada, a romance of history from hillside to hillside. The Alhambra beacons from atop,  vistas of its grandeur from adjacent old communities, the Albayzin and Sacromonte - home to the original Gypsies from Northern India, and home of Flamenco dance.   Each home to passing communities of invaders, settlers, wandering tribes, and rival clans.  Remaining a warren of streets (we'd come to like that phrase), twisty,  turney, uneven stone streets launching visitors uphill and then down again, usually unsure in which direction we'd land.  The wine and beer probably helped us to get lost.

Living up to being Spain's number one attraction, crowds throughout the city are non stop, with a brief break, perhaps, from 6AM to 10 AM. And of course impromptu demonstrations and seasonal celebrations add yet another dimension of color and congestion to the city. So naturally, not a city to be driven into.  Test your skills if you must, as we did,

One of those places that no matter where you look - it is a photo op!

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