Friday, June 13, 2014

From Granada to Sevilla - Finding the El Rocio Pilgrimage

Wandering thru the small cobblestoned streets of Granada, we spotted women dressed up in flamenco dresses with flowers in their hair.  In the local bars, strolling thru the streets -  alone, in groups, with children also all dressed up - and all together.

So what was all the fancy dresses about?

A bit further, we find a church yard full of flamenco dresses, children dressed up, and men in their fancy flamenco outfits with broad brimmed hats.

We hung around for a while, taking pictures, gawking, walking into the church.  In the yard there was a fancy silver decoration on a cart, and two bulls nearby.  

What had we wandered into?  our limited Spanish was not getting us any info.

We walked on to Plaza Nuevo to discover the gathering of more fancily dressed women, men and children.  Some on horseback, some on foot, some carts.  Horses and riders kept coming.  

Eventually a parade of the horses, fancy walkers, the bull pulled cart and caravans pulled by tractors marched by us.

It wasn't for another 10 days and two cities later that we learned what was happening.

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