Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Things we have Learned While Traveling

- Gypsies are from Northern India, not Romania.

- Castillian Spanish is not the same as what we hear from the Carribean, Latin America or South America.

- If you want the toilet, ask for the aseo.

- Square blue signs with large numbers mean Minimum speed limit not Maximum.

- Learning to eat lunch at 3:30 pm and dinner at 9 pm is doable.

- Staying awake unit midnight or 2AM is preferable to being kept awake by the parties.

- Enjoying Siestas are a good way to live.

- Spanish olive oil is GOOD!

- Spanish wine is Very GOOD!

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  1. Ay carumba, I wish I were there! You two look very cute and happy here. Love you to from Texas.