Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Ronda, The City On A Hill

Driving north from Marbella its a climb uphill and then down into an interior farming valley, once, twice, maybe three times. Broad ranging hillsides, some forested,  some bare, lead the way forward. Off in search of the city on a hill, Ronda.  

Further on sights of a village, perhaps a city, appears. Hard to tell as we're approaching from a lower altitude. No major highway arteries ahead, no highways to speak of, not much but a turnoff onto a dirt road, GPS at the helm. Not seeming to be the approach to a major tourist destination we sally forth, dirt road continuing ahead. Turn right in 300m, then prepare to turn sharp left. Go straight for 300m. No wait, I can't drive straight for 300m, the road narrows and I doubt this car will fit between the walls of the buildings on either side.

Well, I guess we fit. No scraping sounds heard from either side of the car. But what are we doing here. I don't see any other cars, besides the combi van now encroaching behind me. And there's certainly no parking in sight.

'Limited road access in Old City. No parking without Resident Permit'. I guess we shouldn't cross that bridge. Time to back up.

A ways down the road there appears to be a parking spot in a small intersection of four roads. Let's leave the car here and walk......

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