Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Marbella - Spanish Meditarranean Town

A little beach rest for the weary travellors.  Yes at time's we need to rest our legs and favor our feet.   And a great jumping off point for day drives to Ronda, a town literally on a mountain top, and Gibraltar, a foray into the UK.

Marbella is a pretty beach resort town full of holiday vacationers.  Lots of condos, a nice beach road - Paseo Maritime for walking and biking.  We had a lovely condo with a patio overlooking the Meditarranean Sea and the Rock of Gibraltar.   Great place to enjoy our evening wine and tapas.  There is an old city centre to wander, with windy streets and artists;  An open patio with Dali statues, and a multitude of restaurants and bars to choose from.

We had an opportunity to attend our third Ralli Museum (first two in South America - one Punte del Este, Uraguay & the other in Santiago, Chile).   There are two others in Cesaria Israel.   It is one family's collection of art - opened to the public, and a wonderful collection of South American artists - and includes Spanish artists such as Miro, Dali & Picasso.  The three we have seen have all had wonderful layouts, and worth the visits.  Might send us back to Israel to see the other two museums.

Gibraltar was a side trip - a walk back into the UK.  Literally a walk since we parked our car in Spain, and walked thru passport control and over the airport runway to get there.  We had to wait for the jet to take off first - and once there two things dominated - the Rock of Gibraltar and the overwhelming feeling of being back in England - pubs, High street, red double-decker busses, and red-phone booths.  Not to mention the sound of English being spoken everywhere. 

The monkeys were not so English.  On the rock, Barbary macaque monkeys, tailless and everywhere.

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