Sunday, July 29, 2012

Back to Civilization .... Vancouver

Two months in Alaska - and we return to the Alcan to begin our drive, slowly, back.  First planned stop is Vancouver - a city that has nearly the population of all of the state of Alaska, and twenty two times the population of the Yukon Province of Canada.  We have left the wilderness.

First, we decide to take a detour and see Whistler - a very popular ski location - it is a very chichi location with all the best stores.  If you ever wondered what a ski resort does in the summer visit Whistler. It has become the mountain bikers mecca.  After viewing the bikers, and a short hike, we continued onto our Vancouver camp site.

And we were definitely in a city, with lots to see, wonderful seafood and, luckily, we were staying close to the metro, which meant we didn't have to drive.  It was our first double lane highway in three and a half months.   So touring we went.  A city of full of parks, individual allotments, and water.  We wandered the city, walked along the wharfs, enjoyed Granville Market, rode the water taxis, and took an incredible stroll at the Vancouver Aquarium.

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