Friday, July 20, 2012

Fifteen things we have Learned so far During our Travels

1) It is a long drive from Hollywood, Fl to Skagway, Alaska. 
2) Spending 24 hours, 7 days a week with just each other can cause one and/or the other to be snippy.
3) There are 35 different types of mosquitos in Alaska, and almost all want your blood.
4)  Bison are very cool!
5)  Wolves and bears are even cooler.
6)  The Wizard of Oz was written about the gold rush in Alaska ... yellow brick road was the golden road.
7)  Alaska is four times larger than Texas, but has only around 700,000 population....and very few paved roads.
8)  Subsistence is used in both Alaska and Canada to refer to Native People,  who are given the right to live off the Land - fishing and hunting.
9)  Travelling with Ron means you see more of the back roads in any location compared with not travelling with Ron.
10) Bald eagles are so common in Alaska, that they are like the pigeons of Alaska.
11)  Friends don't let friends buy farmed salmon.
12) There are few to no defined hiking trails in Denali.  Hike where you want.  It helps assure no trace left.
13) The Alaskan Highway, built by the. US in 1942, to connect  Alaska with the US for the defense of the US, is mostly in Canada.
14) Kodiak Island is the 2nd largest island in the US, but only the 80th largest island in the world.
15a) Pickled salmon and pickled king crab are wonderful treats.
15b) It is a long drive from Alaska to Hollywood, Fl

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  1. well, well... learnt a load from that too. Thanks. Love Helen x