Friday, July 13, 2012

This Land is My Land

It's been 10 days since we last blogged - and in that time we've covered a lot of space - figuratively and literally.  We've attended a fourth of July parade in Kodiak Island, taken a 13 hour ferry back to the mainland of Alaska, stopped to see the largest tidal bore just south of Anchorage (what's a tidal bore - I hear yaou say.  It is when the leading edge of an incoming tide forms a wave. Glad you asked?) Spent our last few days in Alaska and now have driven over 2000 miles that has nearly put us in Vancouver Canada.  Oh, and increased temperatures by fifty degrees.  Am I cranky - you betcha!

Our last days in Alaska were spent in Glennallen - with access to the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park.  We took a shuttle bus into the park to Kennecott - a 120 mile ride with 60 miles of the most pitted rocky road I've travelled.  I still am vibrating internally from the ride.  We passed waterfalls, glaciers - and reached the old copper mine of Kennicott closed in 1937 after depleting the copper, but giving JP Morgan and the Guggenheims 100 million in profit.

Unfortunately our leaving day brought rain - and we had to pack up in the rain and begin our slow journey back a bit soggy - us and our tent. 

As our drive began we bid farewell to Alaska and the Yukon.  With Alaska's cold rainy weather now behind us we've caught up this summer's heat wave spreading across the ' lower 48'.

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  1. that must be quite a transition to leave alaska and get back to "civilization". and the temps are the least of it. (although, you can dry your tent!) from here it seemed like the trip of a lifetime. thanks for sharing.

  2. photos of birds in flight - amazing. All the trip seems to be though! Love Helen x