Thursday, May 17, 2012

Gold Mining, Then And Now

Skagway, and its sister Klondike seaport entry, Dyea, is no less a scavenger hunt today than it was 115 years ago.  Tour guides, tour buses, walking tours, NPS guided tours, helicopter and airplane flights leaving every fifteen minutes, railroad tours to White's Pass on the half-hour. Get your activities scheduled, slots filling quickly. Activities to meet any and very interest close at hand. By late afternoon only the hardy are still walking Skagway's B'way, a la 'Dawn of the Dead' , with a final thirst quencher still available up at 7th Street at the Skagway Brewing Company where the Chilicoot IPA takes honors over a host of other local brews.


Karen stands behind the restored tombstone of 'Soapy', Skagway's original kingpin, intent on mastering every local racket designed to offload any successful gold miners of their discoveries, as well as prey over every down-on-his-luck seeker. Skagway 'Goldminers Cemetery';

Scene at the Dyea Slide Cemetery, where the 70 of so misfortunates of the Chilikoot avalanche of 1898 were brought to rest;

Skagway harbor occupied on cruise ship invasion by daylight;

Along the Chilkoot trail, or any canyon or forested coastal trail we've walked so far, mosses, ferns, and lichens grow thick and lush on forest floors, rock walls, and lining trees in these dense forests;

The Chilkoot river runs wild in season, trees, brush and sand swept down the valley floor;

33 Miles to the top?  Where are the dog sleds? Where's the tramway?;

Above Skagway, along the shores of Lower Dewey Lake across dense forest trails;

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  1. you are really capturing things ... some amazing shots. Love Helen and Ken xx