Friday, May 4, 2012

Oh Canada! Oh Canada!

Arrive Banff. High craggy  peaks. Snow continuing to hang in at fairly low elevations.  Rain, snow, or is that hail?  We thought that weather had been left behind at the border!

More tourists strolling downtown Banff than we've seen in the past four weeks. Not to menton how scarey it was driving through traffic in Calgary.  Now that's a big city!

A well deserved lunch break and off we went strolling fields and marshes just across the town bridge.  More noisey tourists.  But great vistas of snow covered peaks surrounding Banff.  Like the panorama  shot above taken with Karen's new Sony Cybershot?

A short touring day so following are some of the magnificent views about town.......

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  1. that is a great panoramic shot. and more lovely vistas. what's notable about banff, based on our few weeks there -- adjacent to these lovely vistas, are great in-town shopping, including ice cream stores and a helly hansen shop. not that we bought anything there. but, like the scenery, it's worth a look.