Friday, May 4, 2012

Rain, rain Go away

r was that snow ...... and more snow - at least four inches.  So we decided to see how to entertain ourselves in West Yellowstone, and discovered that in the beginning of May (snow or no snow) there is not much open in West Yellowstone-

One thing that is - the Grizzly Bear and Grey wolf Wilderness

Wolfs and bears were on display - nice to watch but not the same as seeing the animals out in the open in Yellowstone.  But two things were quite interesting.  We learned that the bears give birth during hibernation.  Wouldn't human females love to learn that  ........ and then they sleep, and periodically wake up to clean them and feed them.

At the wilderness center, the bears test 'bear-resistant products' - we saw a cooler put with the bears. it was full of good smelling food-  This particular 'bear-resistant' product lasted less than 45 minutes.

Ah, the weather cleared up and we headed back to the park.  We walked the geyser path at the Norris parkway. What a wonderous walk - does it look like the end of the world to you?


And a great view of the elk crossing the water.

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  1. the elk are fab... so many cards to make from your beautiful shots... Love Helen and Ken xx