Thursday, May 10, 2012

I Said Glace' not Glacier

Leaving Banff behind we head down Canada 1 Highway to Lake Louise - a definite stop on the tour for all including multiple tour busses.  It was a feast of views in all directions.  We saw snow covered mountain tops surrounding us as we drove to Lake Louise, and herds of big horn sheep.

It was hard to believe it was a lake.  Frozen solid in May, covered with ice.  Even cross country skiers were still comfortable skiing the lake -

We have pictures to post from Lake Louise and updates from our stop in Jasper, the northern part of the Canadian Rockies.  Unfortunately, we are suffering from limited bandwith.

Daily hikes outbound from our lodge on Pocohantus. A river canyon, swirling and carving softer rocks have left behind a steep yet narrow canyon gorge; a walk along a dirt road midst pine trees in search of the river bottom; and finally a walk along a trail overhanging a wide valley river basin. Returning on this last walk, surprise, a small group of six mountain sheep lined the trail ahead. Patiently they stood and posed for today's photos in the wild.

Tomorrow we start our drive to mile zero of the Alaskan Highway - and  will have plenty to add to our blog. Anticipation builds waiting to discover how many others will join us on our trek along the AlCan.

Excitment grows as well as we're now one week and two days from cruise departure on Juneau. Over a year in planning our date is approaching.

Stay tuned. Photo catchups coming.


  1. ice in may! it's good that you are staying in a lodge. can't wait for your wilderness pix.

  2. ice.. well, we haven't got that here, but a whole LOT of rain and its cold (but not like where you are!
    PS. if you feel like adjusting your comment moderating and switching off the 'type this weird code in to prove you aren't a robot' bit, I would be internally grateful (it always takes me several attempts). Love Helen and Ken xx