Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Denali National Park .... wildlife, wildflowers, wilderness

A remarkable place, six million acres, the highest mountain in Northern American - 20,320 feet high - Mount McKinley (known as Denali - Native American word for 'the High One.'), home to the grizzley bear, the grey wolf, moose, caribou, the Golden Eagle, panoramic views of river bars, mountain ranges and tundra.

We entered the park - driving to our campsite at Teklanika Campground.  It is 29 miles into the park, and the last place you can drive a car.  The only road extends 92 miles thru the park.  The only way around in the summer is by foot or by camp bus.  On most of the camp buses, there is a commentary from the driver about the park. 

Our camp had no showers or sinks.  Call me 'Wilderness Woman' - I managed without a shower for the week (although I did have soap and shampoo that did not require water & we had towelettes), and we boiled water to wash the dishes.  And the Alaskan mosquitoes were out in full to keep us company.

Wilderness and wildlife abounds.  Pictures will tell only part of the story because it is I impossible to capture the beauty and expansiveness. 

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  1. Wilderness Woman indeed! I am impressed (and a little horrified when imagining me doing that). Love Helen x