Saturday, June 30, 2012

Kodiak Island ... Bears and more

Kodiak does have more than bears.  There is fishing - which we don't do - but we do enjoy the fresh catch that we buy at Island Seafood.  Locals never have to buy fish, either they catch it or their friend's have extra.  We stop in daily for the fresh catch of salmon or halibut. 

Then there is boating, kayaking, hiking, and so much more.  The lush rain forest, the cliffs, the snow covered mountains, the glaciers .... much to enjoy.

The sea lions, the otters, the harbor seals, the eagles, the puffins (that we are still searching for), and of course the whales.

It also has the largest US Coast Guard base.  That means we have good cell phone coverage.  And it seems to be a good plan e for Greenpeace to work from.

Although there is a tourist business, and a few cruise ships do stop in town periodically - mostly it is a commercial fishing town. 

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  1. so much amazing wildlife. I would love to see it. Love Helen x