Sunday, June 3, 2012

Knock, Knock......Whose there?


Juneau who?

Juneau its going to rain later today, for sure!

Knock, knock!


Juneau who?

Juneau we were on a cruise for two weeks and we forgot to blog?

Yeah and that's lichen to going on vacation and not bringing back silly t-shirts for the moms.

Oh right, a cruise without a porpoise!

In any case, we got our bear-ings on shorelines several times, and just don't forget the moosing around!

While most folks had a whale of a time with each sighting off the port side, or the starport side, or the bow, or the stern, I'm sitting right here like a barnacle until Shaun serves up another pint of Alaskan ale.

Wow, good thing we yoga-d up every morning after first-breakfast. Otherwise our bellies would never have caught sight of Lee's pastries, and those delicious fresh dressings.

Ketchikan get that mud off your clothes already? Someone might think you has eagle eyes by the way you went all fours up that waterfall and then down into those caves. I'd raven some clean clothes, but guess that'll have to wait a few more months. Just be happy the Tlingits don't show up to erect a shame totem in front of our tent site.  If they do I wish them luck with these early mosquitos, the swarms are building mighty fast.

Did you notice how all those folks fled the ship mid-cruise? Guess we'll have to sell more tickets to the sauna on deck four and hot tubs on deck three to the newbies joining us.

Cap'n Dano had a tale or two for us. I'm wondering 'bout now if he knew my Uncle Ennis and Aunt Amy seeing how he sailed out of Mystic on them square riggers. Aye, without his eagle-eye, for sure we'd still be sitting in the Narrow waiting for a salvage vessel to get us to open waters.

Okay, okay, before I get all mossy I might as well close this whale tale and get breakfast on. These's more calving in the distance, time to get hoofing up the trail to Mendenhall. Back with more good fun and photos shortly.

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