Sunday, June 10, 2012

Juneau? We're still in Juneau.

We continue our touring, camping and seeing in Junaeu.  It includes investigating the old mining village on Douglas Island. Nice walk all along the shore.  Although it feels like we are in the middle of no where - we run into tourists at the end of the island ziplining in the canopy of the island.  The walk opens the history of the area with remnant of buildings, structures and old piers.

On the advice of the camp site owners, we wonder to the shrine of St. Therese - where we have a picnic, and watch the whales.  Beautiful ground works.  Wonderful view of the water,eagles, commmon merganers, and possibly a loon.  Wildflowers abound with all colors against the lush background. 

Again on the advice of our camp site owners, we wander past Juneau to a salmon and halibut Grill - Than Ore house - the grilled halibut melted in my mouth.  But even better, The Alaskan Seafood Store, we bought king fish salmon fillets to grill at our campsite -mmm mmm good.  I am not sure I have ever tasted anything so good.

Our only regret was that our plans had us leaving Juneau the day before Celebration 2012.  What is that, you ask.  Every two years, the Tlinglit Tribe celebrates it's culture and arts with a festival.  And it started the day after we left.  But, unknown to us, and unannounced, the day prior,

the Tlinglit welcome Tlinglits from all over the southeas t.  We decided to stop at the shrine for another view and on our way there was a load of cars at Auke Village, and so we walked into a ceremony welcoming the visiting Tlinglits.  It was an incredible event to share, sounds, colors, and cooking.

Now if that wasn't enough - we still got to see a whale, an eagle returning to its nest, and then a bear.  The bear just nibbling on the side of the road. 

How lucky can you be?

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