Sunday, April 8, 2012

And so we beginOur Passage To Alaska

Had we the time to plan a six month venture to Alaska it would have been enough; Yea! we had the time to plan the trip, yet had we not packed for many years of travel it would have been enough; Yes we packed for many a year, yet had we not departed Hollywood on time it would have been somewhat stressful; Yet again we departed on our sojourn into the country right on time - 10AM, yet had we not arrived 550 miles later in Tallahassee it would have sufficed to sleep in Gainsville; Oh so right, we arrived in Tallahassee no later than 5:30PM, La Quinta tonight, yet had we no food to sup this Easter eve it would have been fitting in consideration of all the abominate billboards enroute on North I-75; Burp! Yes, we chowed down at Sonny's, home of scrumptious dry rub BBQ; and had we felt right to crash right-away it would have been sufficient; But no, La Quinta has free WiFi and good A/C, so blog we will; yet had there been no wine it would have been a just early sleep; Yet not tonight as our Carmenere runs rich and dark red, ahh we could lavish the night away if only the wine woud stay; Alas not tonight, the bottle runs dry and so this blog closes on day 1. To all a Good Passover and Happy Easter.
Ellen checks out our loaded vehicle, hugs exchanged, promises to return, and off we go at 10AM on Sunday, April 8th.

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