Saturday, April 14, 2012

Its Not Texas...And Its Better Than Arizona

Thursday, April 12th.   Finally, two dTyhes of flat land driving across Texas and the land begins to take on contour, color, and a hurry!  Too many boarded up small towns on Rt 66, see Karen's last post, to remember.  Now the landscape   begins to look 'West', preshadowing of Georgia O'Keefe country, more to come on that later.

Land contours continue to rise, adobe style homes dot the landscape as we approach Santa Fe. Wow!  Scupltures adorn most lawns and driveways. Getting artsy here.

Welcome to Santa Fe. The first sign of culture since we left Wynwood behind in N. Miami.  Can't count the galleries in this town, might rename to this 'Gallery Compound City'. Wowsa!

Good walking, good food, good museums, and a comfy condo on the hill. A last minute search landed us a cut-rate lux condo on Fort Marcy Hill just overlooking the city. Way too cushy, this will certainly set the wrong expectation for camping once we reach Arches NP in Moab in another week.

A very cool walk through the Georgia O'Keefe museum on Friday.  Only wish we'd planned a little further ahead for reservations to visit her other homes in the area.

Next, on to a walking tour of town, the Railyards - more galleries, where we found an REI, mecca, and the SITE gallery hosting a multi-media show composed of several rooms, some inviting visiting participation into the 'art process'.  This museum could have been a full day experience with movies, dynamic-mix films, text-to-rap videos, and a room hosting media-character-of-the-sketches dating back to Nov 2011 (the artists project now inflight since 2007).

And of course a fitting end to our Santa Fe sojourn convenes at Cafe Pasqual, a small corner cafe with a veritable feast of tastes.  Fish tortillia with wonderful toppings for Karen, while I feasted on Plato Supremo - one chicken mole enchilada, one cheese relleno, and one beef taco.  Absolutely stuffed I couldn't pass up what appeared to be a thru-and-thru chocolate parfait - four layers of chocolates in a pie wedge.  It beat me, less that half-way thru we had it boxed for tomorrow.  Hmmm, I hear breakfast time approaching.

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  1. ... shots are great.. stunning colours..the shapes make me think of cubism. Love the final shot of Karen in that adorable jacket (love the colours). Love to you both xx Helen xx