Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Off the Grid

Santa Fe grabed us  right off.  Taos snuck up on us.  It is known as a center of art .... but there were far more galleries in Santa Fe.  But as we explored more - we found hidden galleries everywhere.

Apparently it was only by a broken down wagon ride that Taos was discovered and became the home for the Taos Art Collective ... but its history is now intertwined in art.  The local museums give the colorful history.

And food is also a source of delight.  Last night we dined at Graham's Grill - both a visual pleasure as well as a gourmet joy.  Our meal begin with local brew, and grilled fennel uand artichoke.  It was - a description not overstated - to die for. And presentation was also lovely.

Then we moved to a selection from their large wine offering.  Out of good memories from our South African trip - Goats do Roam.  Ron had a wonderful lamb stew and I enjoyed a red trout. Sated we moved on.


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