Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bisons, Elk and Geysers, Oh My

Another name might have been - Boil and bubble, toil and trouble.  The geysers, pools and hot springs of Yellowstone National Park are amazing.  It was a bone-chilling cold morning - but we braved it and drove into the park.

Lots of the areas are closed - to protect the bears coming out of hibernation and their cubs, but the park is nearly empty. 

First thing we saw was a herd of Bison.  They took over the road ... and continued to be present in the park.  Very majestic animals - and turned sideways clearly looked like the buffalo nickel.  Park information made it clear ... bison do gore people.  So we stayed our distance.

Not long into the park, we started to see the smoke radiating from the ground ... hot spots, hot springs, pools and geysers.  We stopped and strolled through the pools -  constant changing shapes and colors.  Depths of blue and turquoise, oranges and greens - smoke, and geysers bubbling and exploding.  What a treat!


Along the trail artwork found....


  1. i agreee about the photos and the hot springs. and the bison. you are intrepid adventurers, not scared by a bit of weather. i can admire that -- from a distance.

  2. now you are being silly... (this not having to work is getting to you) .. pooh faces, indeed! Love Helen and Ken xx