Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mesquite to Amarillo - All In A Day's Drive

Wed. eve, April 11th:
Amarillo, which by any other name would still be just another Interstate fly-by town. Today's drive took us from  Mesquite to Amarillo, Texas, rolling hills, wild flowers peeking in reds, pinks, and blues. We're now approximately 1900 miles from Hollywood and about 2.5 hours from Santa Fe. Yup, with our flyover driving we're two days ahead of schedule so as a bonus stop we've booked two nights in Santa Fe before proceeding on to Taos.

Driving downtown Amarillo we spotted a number of quarter horses, escapees from the local museum we presume. This one has been sponsored by the local Chamber of Commerce.

The lovely Lady Karen frames our loaded caravan, now a two seater to make room for all of our gear and clothes for this trip. And with temps in Taos still in the 20s I guess we'll be needing the warmer clothes sooner than later.

Tomorrow? Off to Santa Fe, a walk-about town galleries, and hopefully surrounding countryside.

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