Friday, April 13, 2012

Beware of Rattle Snakes

The drive  from Amarillo, Texas into New Mexico was one flat hypnotic view after another.  Mile after mile, hour after hour, of flat land with little to no vegetation.  Speed limit 75 mph that only our car, and a few large trailors were staying within.  Except for the steel of passing cars - there seemed no other life on the road.

We stopped at one town for gas ...leaving the highway to drive on the famed Route 66, to find a mostly boarded up old Texan town ....lamenting days past.

We did stop at one rest side to use the bathroom ...hence the photo - and found several warnings of the locals - Beware of Rattlesnakes.

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  1. oh my... I love that fearsome pose.. I would be doing that too!

    This bit is for Karen... I am home now from Cornwall and had a peruse of my bookcase... here are a few book recommendations...

    Mr Pye – Mervyn Peake
    I Shall Have Some Peace – Margaret Roach
    Mother Tongue – Bill Bryson
    Man’s Search for Meaning – Viktore Frankl
    Get Some Head Space – Andy Puddicombe
    Drunk, Divorced and Covered in Cat Hair – Laurie Perry (aka Crazy Aunt Purl)
    Winter Solstice – Rosamunde Pilcher
    Of Bees and Mist – Erick Setiawan

    Lots of love and loving your posts.
    Helen xx